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So, we had this crazy idea. What if we bought an RV and dedicated a full year to seeing as much of the US as possible? What if we joined that astounding transient community that just goes from one place to another, taking their home with them? What would it be like to be a full-time RVer?

How about we buy an RV and find out? So, we did. In simple terms, we've dedicated 12 months to traveling far and wide in the US, beyond our usual Florida home, beyond our comfort zone, into the realm of the movie Nomadland (well, kind of; our RV is slightly bigger than Fern's little camper van because, well, there are three of us). 

Starting in May 2023, we will head north and west for the greatest travel adventure of our lives, the ultimate road trip. 
We have taken driving lessons, we have prepared a route that takes in 27 states, 28 national parks and just about every scenic way-post we can cram into a year's worth of travel. It should take us at least 14,000 miles (roughly half the Earth's circumference in pure distance terms) and through all kinds of terrain (although, hopefully, not the snowy kind). We have prepared as best we can for this giant leap into the unknown, but we do have some handy resources to help keep us on the straight and narrow. They are:

Lazydays RV - the world's largest RV seller, who also have a network of service and repair specialist depots across the country. 
MyRVResource.com - the "Yellow Pages" for the RV world, a superb one-stop-shop website for all RV needs, from driving lessons to emergency repairs.
SA Mobile RV repair - they have already been a major help in repairing electrical damage, and insit they are only a phone call away from helping out at any stage.
Commander Baker - yes, really, a fully-fledged ex-Royal Navy Commander, now an expert RV inspector and driving instructor in Lakeland, Florida.
Thousand Trails Campgrounds - as part of our purchase at Lazydays, we got a full year's membership to this extensive RV Resorts community.
Harvest Hosts - an RV membership program that allows self-contained travelers to overnight at unique locations around the country including farms, wineries, museums, breweries, and more.  

Hopefully we'll also discover more as we go, on our extended travels through the US. And you can discover them with us via our special Blog of our "Year on the Road." You can find it on this link.